BadAfrika.com was created, like most things in the black community, out of necessity. We have accomplished so much but, I feel we have yet to achieve and overcome the most important challenges that face our people. Rebuilding our community is that challenge and to achieve this goal will take a unified effort. It will take universal agreement among us to destroy and rebuild. We need to do away with old habits…slave habits, and move forward together in such a way, that we can secure a future for the many destined generations to come.

So I have created BadAfrika.com, not to be so arrogant as to think I will be the voice that convinces the whole of the black community to make the necessary change, but to simply do my part in bringing about that change. I created this site to uplift, educate, entertain, and provoke my people, among other things, as a way of promoting pan-afrikanism. I just hope I am able to make an impact in the collective consciousness of the black people, bring us together, and let us not only move toward the future but create it.

~Bad Afrika~

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