~ The Tirade of a New Slave ~

How long are you going to sell yourself short?
How long will you sell your soul for cheap?
How long will you allow yourselves to be the premier minds of great invention and somehow allow others to discourage you from success?
How long will you allow being faster and stronger equate to you working harder and longer?
How long will you squander your beautiful psalms?
And allow your songs to be held in the palms of a deceitful monster
Those who don’t create but just pillage and conquer
We are slaves still
For we, is all we can be
A collective burden, heavy as the tides of the sea
We strive while deprived, by lies and deceit
our eyes are closed, and our minds are sleep
As we pray to the lord our souls to keep
No mountain is too high, no valley, to steep
We are sheep
Just as the bible told us we’d be
But don’t you see
This world was built with our hands
So at what point does a black boy get the respect of a man
or little black girl allowed to live without a brand
can she keep her daddy or is too pivotal to the plan
To convince our women that all they have is the white man
The white mans home of the so called brave and the free
But when absolute power corrupts, how much braver is he
Then, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, or Brother Huey P
Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, DuBois W.E.B.
Then, Malcolm X, Ella Baker, and Martin Luther King
They fought for the people, among other things
Some died for us, while we allow ourselves to remain cuffed
defeated and broken and attached to the strings
We are far more equipped than aforementioned few
Yet far less likely to acknowledge what we must do
We cannot assimilate, integration is a lie
Will we really settle for crumbs when it was us that cooked the pie
I have only come to this recently, but for my part, I’d rather die
Then to abdicate my duty and fail becauseĀ I did not try


Thanks For Reading
~J.W. Jordan & Bad Afrika~

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