~ Once We Were Kings ~

We were kings once, you and I
Remember those distant days in acient times
When the wash of the wind and a drum could rhyme
When the sight of first light was peaceful and sublime
We ruled
We ruled civilizations before civilization was its name
We summoned priest from all corners of the world and they came
I cannot say enough how humbled and ashamed
I am to have lost a kingdom with no one else to blame
I should have fought for my people
I should have fought for our lands
I should have never allowed our destiny
to fall into Europeans hands
I have failed
I have failed my people but it is not yet too late
I am not confined by fear or confounded by fate
Deeds can ripple for generations if just one step i take
I can once again call myself a king


Thanks For Reading
~J.W. Jordan & Bad Afrika~

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