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Rachel Nash, a WHITE Baltimore city schoolteacher has attempted in her own way to align herself with ONE of the MANY struggles that face the black person here in America. In 2015, when OUR BROTHA Freddie Gray was killed by officers, the city of Baltimore erupted in protest. Rachel made her position known immediately by ironing the words “Black Lives Matter” onto a gray tank top. She then wore the shirt to school as a way of expressing support of the national movement and to mark herself an ally, a signal to her students she was willing to listen.

For this 29 year old school teacher this was not nearly enough, she was recently quoted as saying “A lot of white people in Baltimore have [very] problematic views about race, and they feel because i’m a white person I agree with them automatically.” So she decided that she would customize her Wells Fargo bank cards with a fist and the words “Black Lives Matter.” This should be easy since Wells Fargo offers that very service to all of it’s customers.

Rachel submitted her image and waited two days for a response from Wells Fargo. To her surprise, the response was a rejection letter sent to her by e-mail. Nash called customer service to find out why and was told “Wells Fargo didn’t want to be associated with any anti-social or offensive organizations,” by the Wells Fargo customer service agent. Rachel disagreed with their opinion of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and told them so.

Anti-social and Offensive…ain’t that a bitch?


Don’t you find it interesting, that when it comes to black people, context is ignored and never taken into account? I do.

While speaking about the fine line businesses have to walk to avoid offending their customers while protecting their brand, a Wells Fargo spokesman, Kris Dahl said that a swastika would warrant a clear rejection, as would a confederate flag. Now think about that for a second black people, this man just compared the spirit and overall esthetics of the Black Lives Matter movement to the likes of the Nazis and the Confederacy of the United States.
To be clear, the swastika represented the Nazis as they proceeded to degrade, kidnap, and subsequently kill 11 million Jews under the rule of Adolf Hitler. During the civil war the confederate flag represented the Confederacy, an army of white men fighting against other American citizens to keep the right to enslave, torture, rape, and kill black people in America.

So to me, it sounds like Kris Dahl, the Wells Fargo spokesperson, is saying that black people protesting against injustice is as offensive as the war crimes against humanity that the Nazis committed during the last world war. Black people standing up for themselves is basically the same as the slaughter of 11 million Jews. If black people are not willing to sit by idly and quietly while white America continues to devalue and oppress them, well that’s as bad as The Confederacy killing their fellow American citizens for the right to continue to enslave, torture, and kill black people in America. The worst part is this was Wells Fargo’s explanation which proceeded an apology to Rachel Nash, a white Baltimore area schoolteacher.

It would seem that not even the iron fist of political correctness could keep Wells Fargo from exposing their RACISM. All this talk about avoiding offense to their precious customers and I have no choice but to infer that you have not included black people. You don’t seem to be worried at all about offending black people. As a matter of fact, I would argue that you have gone out of your way to offend black people. You basically called Black Lives Matter, a terrorist organization. You put them in the same breathe with the Nazis and the confederacy.

Wells Fargo doesn’t stop there, they seamlessly manage to make an already horrific offense much worse. Rachel Nash, again submitted an image to express her support for black people to Wells Fargo. Her image simply stated “Black People Are Important,” no fist, no other images, just those words. Before the image can even be reviewed, Wells Fargo told the Washington Post “that, too, will be denied.” I guess simply expressing that you feel that “Black people are important,” is also politically offensive.

What I want is for my people to see how subtle most examples of RACISM are, these days. This is just one example of countless offenses that occur everyday. While Wells Fargo and companies like it, as well as the rest of white America should be joining black citizens in our fight for justice, they instead do things like this and then try to explain it away. Why? because they don’t care. They never have and seemingly never will.

So in conclusion, I will say this, it is a wonderful experience to see my people out in force, speaking up for themselves and their fellow brothers and sisters. However, beyond protest, we need to love one another and respect one another before tragedy strikes. We need to keep our money away from Wells Fargo and companies like it, that show their lack of respect for the struggles of our people while they make money off of it. I personally decided not to retroactively punish persons or companies for past missteps but i am boycotting for myself, any company that seems unworthy of the BLACK DOLLAR moving forward.

We need to take control of the black dollar and use it as a weapon in this fight for Justice. I am actually thinking about leaving this god forsaken country and defecting to another. However, I have decided recently to become much more involved with the struggle of my people, which i know would be much more effective if I stay put. Whatever happens, it is as important as it has ever been for us to take back the black dollar from our oppressor and at least gain the respect of this country so that our children might be safe and our future secured.

Thank you for reading!
~Bad Afrika~

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