The Little Things

In life, many say that it is the little things that matter the most. I have personally always believed this to be true and i feel strongly that it is not a matter of opinion, but fact. In my brief life experience, i have no doubt that I have seen consistant proof that it is indeed the little things that count the most. Ask anyone who believes as I do and they will likely tell you the same thing. With that said, a grand example of the “little things” came to my attention this afternoon and I felt it was a fantastic example to make my point.


Solange Knowles made a spontaneous visit to Sankofa Video Books & Cafe where she purchased 250 books for Howard University students and fans. Sankofa VB&C is a black-owned bookstore, so Solange not only enriched the lives of 250 black people but she also simultaneously threw a very valuble stone into the still waters of the black economy. To make things even more memorable, she did so in the nations capitol, on January 20th, the day President Donald J. Trump took the oath of office.

I catergorize the grand jesture made by Solange Knowles as “The Little Things” because for one, her success has granted her the ability to do this without much forethought but more importantly because of how enormous the task of creating and sustaining a true black economic infrastructre is. This is one of endless examples of small things every black person can do to help our people break free from the arduous burden of white supremacy.

Obviously, not everyone can afford to do what Solange did but, each and everyone of us is capable of something. Okay, so you can’t afford 250 books. How about 50, or 5, or 1? How about taking a day, or a week, or an indefinent amount of time with a young black child that is interested in a attaining a skill that you possess and get them started in that direction. It could be something as simple as trying to buy from black business owners as often as possible. Even easier than that, just being more open to black people who may be a strangers to you. For example i have began to habitually speak to every black person i see and greet them as “Brotha” or “Sista” as a way of building community and closeness with my fellow black person.


The possibilities are endless and there are many things you can do that cost you nothing but maybe a mere moment of your time. We as black people need to strive for economic independence as a way of becoming independent in general. Understand, we were brought here against our will and so, we are still very much here against our will, and we are still under the thumb of white supremacy. No matter how many things change over time, the white person still has the privilage and it is still sustained with the blood of those of Afircan decsent. If we can achieve economic indedpendence, we can break free of the chains that bind, and truly begin to see the changes that we have been striving for.

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