Welcome To Bad Afrika

BadAfrika initially was just an idea I had for a tattoo. It was a poorly constructed riddle that no one could possibly understand but, I liked the idea. I wanted to get the continent of Africa tattooed to my neck, still do. I also wanted to get a tattoo that represented my mother. Then I thought about combining the two ideas. The outline of Africa with my mother’s initials in the center…B.A.D. The answer to the riddle, as I am sure most have figured out by now, is “Mother Africa”.

Then the idea grew. I thought to myself, maybe this might be a cool name for a t-shirt brand or a clothing line. I could design a logo of a small, portly, African kid with a look of mischief on his or her face standing intimately with the word BadAfrika across the canvas. I would incorporate the red, black, and, green colors of pan-afrikanism generously, of course. I thought, this could really be a hit among my fellow Pro-Black Afro-Americans.

Then the idea grew even bigger. I had plans to start a Facebook page called “The Blacklist”. As that name and many of it’s variations were taken, I ended up deciding on “The BlackList Movement” as my page name. It was not my intention for this page to be an actual list, much less a movement, so the name never really felt right. So I eventually came to the conclusion that I would try to encompass my main idea, which is Pro-Black ideals and to promote the practice and study of pan-afrikansim, into a website, aptly entitled BadAfrika.

So now, BadAfrika is a website. A place where I can shoot my mouth off about topics I probably don’t know nearly enough about as it relates to textbook knowledge. However, as a black man…as a person of African descent, I am the subject of most of the topics I will cover, which makes me supremely confident that my life experience will allow me to speak effectively on said topics until I can catch up on my studies. For now, I will write to educate, to uplift, to provoke my people so we can continue to move forward together. Coupled with the sites content will be that t-shirt brand I was talking about earlier. I am currently in the research and development stages of the process but I will keep the site updated with news of my progress.

Thank you for reading and Welcome To BadAfrika!

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